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The Benefits of Going VIRTUAL

Posted by Lionel Finley // January 1, 2016

Having a Virtual Assistant (VA) is one of the best ventures you'll make as a Real Estate Investor. Like all parts of a Real Estate business, they require an investment of your cash and time. A minimal investment is required to train VA’s on your requirements. What's more, you'll have to offer them some assistance […]

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Why Not Transfer Your Investment Property To An LLC

Posted by Lionel Finley // February 22, 2015

As real estate education has become increasingly available to aspiring investors, many are gaining access to more advanced tips and strategies. Unfortunately, those attempting to piece their own real estate education together from fragmented tips usually get the steps out of order

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Building Your Personal Real Estate Brand

Posted by Lionel Finley // February 15, 2015

Building Your Personal Real Estate Brand. Real Estate speculators need to be giving careful consideration to their individual brands. For those that haven’t put resources into their individual brands yet, or enough, it’s not very late. Be that as it may, right now is an ideal opportunity to begin developing a brand that purchasers can trust.

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The Finley & Lightner Group assisted in selling a FIRE property that was vacant for more than a year. They we're extremely professional and moved with lightning speed to sell the property. ~James

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